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Vegetation history and human impact on the environment in Tell Pietrele, SE Romania: paleoecological research in Danube swamp areas in NE Bulgaria


Plant economy through the time  of the archaeological site Deir al-Barsha, Middle Egypt: Old Kingdom Habour and Industrial site at al Shaikh Said, Wooden objects from Middle Kingdom Burials and social startification; Plant remains as indicatiors of plant economy and environment of the Late Antique occupation of the area of Deir al-Barsha


Environmental change and adaptation of the plant economy, olive oil and vine processing during the Bronze and Iron Age of Tell Tweini, Syria


Woodland use and plant economy of the Roman to Early   Byzantine town of Sagalassos, SW Anatolia analyses and interpretation of anthracological and carpological information


Vegetation history of the surrounding of Kumtepe and Troia, Turkey: anthracological analysis of the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age layers, pollen analysis of a core from the surrounding 



Analysis of plant macrofossils from lake sediments in Bulgaria: Durankulak-3, North-East Bulgaria; Panichishte-2, North Rila Mountain; Ostrez Lakes, Central Rila Mountain; peat bog Mozgovitza-3, NW Pirin Mountain


Archaeobotanical analyses of various sites in Bulgaria in relation to their past environment, agriculture and plant use: Neolithic (Kovacevo, Slatina, KapitanDimitrievo, Karanovo, Ohoden-Valoga, Samovodene, Drenkovo-Ploshteko); Chalcolithic (Durankulak, KapitanDimitrievo, Mezdra-Kaleto, Tell Provadia); Bronze Age (Dabene Sarovka, Karanovo); Roman Period (Abritus, Drenkovo-Gradishte, Mezdra-Kaleto)








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